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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How is Flexibreaks different from other travel companies and what are my benefits of being a member of Flexibreaks.
    To enjoy our privileged discounts you will be required to purchase a Flexibreaks membership which suites your requirements for only R499.00 per year. Should you already qualify for a membership via one of our many affiliated corporations, to only supply us with your membership / policy number.

    As a member of Flexibreaks, you are entitled to fantastic specials on the majority of our holiday & travel related offers. These specials offer you savings, which vary from R100.00 to R800.00 per day per accommodation booking made and with 365 days available to you – just imagine how much you will save. Your discount is immediate once your booking is confirmed and members only pay the discounted rate.

    No cash backs or rewards! Don't be caught by clever advertising and voucher gimmicks. We at Flexibreaks offer you the full holiday & travel Monty with huge savings, fantastic personal service and a wide range of exciting benefits to choose from.
  2. How do I know what savings I qualify for and do I always get the advertised Flexibreaks rate.
    At each accommodation establishment on our Flexibreaks program the facility PER ADULT rack rate (normal rate) and your special Flexibreaks PER ADULT rate are advertised. Rates serve as an indication of the cost, are subject to change and applies during low season on either a PER ADULT sharing rate in a standard double room or in a two sleeper chalet.

    The word "from" means that should you stay during another period such as a mid, high or peak season - in a different room or bigger unit for additional guests the advertised website rate will not apply.

  3. Can I book my friends or other non-members on my Flexibreaks membership.
    All Flexibreaks benefits, discounts and services are for members and their immediate families only. Includes main member, husband/wife and children up to 18 years of age. Members may not book for non-members and the participating facilities request a voucher which are issued by Flexibreaks on a reservation and do a member ID verification on check-in. The Flexibreaks discounted rates and club services do not apply to groups or conference bookings.

    Non-members can gladly join by choosing any of our exciting membership offers.

    For membership reasons, we need to verify your details with each phone call or on-line request before your benefits can be utilized.
  4. As a member, how many reservations can I make for me and my family.
    Members enjoy unlimited reservations throughout the year at all Flexibreaks participating accommodation establishments and benefit companies.

    Remember, more bookings mean more savings for you, which means that your family can now afford several extra holidays, bus and train trips as Flexibreaks members.
  5. Can I get discounts at any hotel or resort in South Africa or Worldwide.
    Flexibreaks offers members a selection of over 300 accommodation facilities and resorts to choose from. Only the establishments listed on our website and program offer members special discounts. We feel confident that the variety on offer will suite each member’s requirements and budget.

    For International offers, which include accommodation, return airfares, certain meals and transfers, visit our special Package Deals with Holiday Tours, exclusive to Flexibreaks members.
  6. Do I make my own reservations with the establishment or travel company.
    All reservations must be made with Flexibreaks central reservations direct at (011) 974-2626 or via e-mail at: for you to qualify and receive your discounted rates.

    Bookings being made by members direct with the facilities or companies will be treated as a normal reservation and your discount will not be applicable.

    Bookings already being made by members with our facilities or travel companies direct cannot be changed afterwards to a Flexibreaks discounted reservation. This reservation will remain non-discounted.
  7. Can Flexibreaks guarantee availability and how will you assist me if the establishment or travel companies are fully booked.
    All offers are subject to availability. Should an option be fully booked our reservations consultants will always suggest and arrange, if available an alternative discounted or non-discounted option for you. Always book your holiday or trip in advance.
  8. Are there any additional charges for me over and above my membership fee.

    All travel related companies charge admin fees of up to R250.00 for related services without any discounts being offered.

    To assist us in maintaining our service quality, offers and benefits, Flexibreaks members are charged a minimum R75.00 admin/booking fee (new fee applicable from January 2011) per local reservation irrespective of the duration of stay or facility booked. Please contact us for details on our International booking fee charges. No fees apply on enquiries, quotations, bus as well as Shosholoza train reservations. Your booking fee is payable by credit card, bank deposit or Internet transfer on request of a reservation and is payable to Flexibreaks direct.

    Easy payments now also available on-line. Please view “Membership Services” and do a payment transfer direct to Flexibreaks via our website at no cost to you.

  9. How much does it cost to take a holiday?
    With Flexibreaks, holidays are now much more affordable by enjoying your discounts of UP TO 50%. You can now either book for longer - stay at an establishment you could never afford - or use your savings for your holiday and family spending.

    Decide how much you wish to spend for that well deserved vacation and compare it with the costing at the Flexibreaks resorts. You will find a huge variety of affordable stay options.
  10. How long in advance do I need to make a booking?
    It is always better to book your holiday, trip or travel related services as soon as possible. Ensuring you of a fantastic Flexibreaks discounted reservation. When planning a holiday during school holidays and peak periods such as long weekends and Easter it is always advisable to book months in advance, for bookings are subject to availability and operate on a first come - first serve basis.
  11. Once booked, when do I pay for my holiday?
    Most facilities require a deposit to be paid within a certain period of when you make your reservation with Flexibreaks. Such a deposit is normally 50% of your total Flexibreaks cost for the full period of stay. These deposits vary from facility to facility and at certain facilities a 100% deposit will be required by a certain date, prior to check in.

    A Flexibreaks reservations consultant will always advise you of your deposit payable on your booking confirmation.
  12. Can Flexibreaks members stay and book on discount any day of the year at the participating facilities on your program?
    Some facilities do have certain exclusion (block periods) when they are extremely busy and either offer a lesser discount than advertised on our website or do not offer any discount for that specific period. Block periods are normally certain school holidays, public holidays, long weekends, Easter, X-mas and New Year. Should special events occur in the location of the venues these days can be classified as block periods. A few venues supply week day discounts and some weekend discounts to members.

    Many facilities however offer discounts ranging from 10% to 50% to club members even during in season periods. Our consultants will off course suggest and book an alternative venue nearby, if available. Please enquire with Flexibreaks central reservations.
  13. I do not have a credit card. Can someone else pay for my booking with his or her credit card?
    Regrettably no third party credit card payments are accepted by Flexibreaks for members membership fees, admin fees, travel, accommodation bookings or any other service/offer where credit card only payments are a requirement. Only the main member can pay with his or her own credit card. On certain travel offers at short notice, such as flight bookings and accommodation only credit card payments will be accepted by the suppliers.

    For cash bank deposit or bank transfer flight payments and bookings an advance booking period of 6 days and more applies. For lesser day bookings, credit card only.

    To rent a vehicle, the member must have a credit card and other relevant documents. No cash club car rentals apply. Please feel free to contact a Flexibreaks consultant direct for further detail.

    When paying by credit card please make sure you do have the applicable funds available on your card. No funds in credit card - No booking!
  14. If I Join Flexibreaks today, what will I have to pay and by when can I start using my club benefits?
    Flexibreaks is currently offering a membership at a cost of only R499.00 per year. This fee is payable on inception and applies to a ONE year Flexibreaks membership with unlimited reservations. Upon receipt of your completed application form and applicable membership payment, your ONE year Flexibreaks membership will be activated within 72 hours (3 week days).
  15. How much will I save as a club member?
    Only with Flexibreaks do members save thousands of rands on holidays and travel during their membership year. Each participating accommodation venue and travel company offer club members discounts of up to 50% when booking through our central reservations office at 011 974-2626. Discounts from R50.00 to R5000.00 and more per reservation applies, depending on the facility, travel offer, duration and dates booked. PLUS your discount is immediate. Each year Flexibreaks is giving away millions of rands in discounts to our club members.
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