Terms & Conditions on the use of your Flexibreaks benefits

A Flexibreaks club membership is valid for one year. Your accommodation stay period or travel date to be within your membership period. * Once registered and paid, no refunds will apply.

Membership club benefits are not transferable and are for the main member and his/her immediate family. Includes spouse and children up to 18 years of age. Children under 12 years of age cannot travel alone on any bus or train service and must be accompanied by an adult member. Discounts do not apply on meals, drinks, already reduced facility specials etc. At some facilities, a minimum of 2 nights' stay applies. However many listed Flexibreaks establishments will offer members discounted club rates on one-night bookings. ONE UNIT / ROOM PER MEMBER RESERVATION ONLY!

Your discount entitles two adults sharing the same double or twin room or two adults with children in a family room, to stay at a discounted rate at any of Flexibreaks listed accommodation venues. DISCOUNTS DO NOT APPLY TO CONFERENCE AND GROUP BOOKINGS. Many facilities offer single room discounts. Children sharing accommodation with adults pay the normal rates as charged by the facilities. Discounts on self-catering units are based on the total rate of the unit/chalet.

Some facilities have PEAK PERIODS when they unfortunately do not offer any discounted rates to members. Peak periods include long weekends, school holidays, Christmas, New Year, Easter and special events days. Please enquire with Flexibreaks and an alternative discounted facility option can be booked, if available.

A booking/admin fee will be charged on all reservations and is included in all quotations. This fee may vary depending on the reservation. No booking/admin fee will be charged on bus and Shosholoza train reservations, which is a free club service. Should a reservation be cancelled, a cancellation fee will be charged by Flexibreaks as well as any of our benefit providers. All discounted bookings must be made with Flexibreaks central reservations direct. All bookings are strictly subject to availability.

Bookings being made by the member himself/herself with the accommodation venues on our club program will be treated as a normal booking and no re-booking on discount will be applicable afterward. Such a reservation cannot be cancelled by the member and re-booked through Flexibreaks.

We have carefully selected all of the accommodation facilities and other club benefits on our program but cannot guarantee that they will not make policy changes. Participating Flexibreaks facilities may change from time to time. Flexibreaks cannot accept liability for this, the quality of service or any other matter arising from our offers. Memberships, benefits, discounts and reservations are not transferable to any third party.

Cancellations/no-shows of confirmed bookings will incur a cancellation fee as determined by the facility or travel company booked. An additional standard Flexibreaks R250,00 cancellation/no-show fee will apply. All cancellations to be made in writing to Flexibreaks central reservations office direct. Changes made to any confirmed booking will be treated as a new reservation and a booking/admin fee may be charged again at management’s discretion.

Full pre-payment is required by all listed Flexibreaks accommodation venues and travel benefit providers. This payment to be made to Flexibreaks upon booking. ONLY CASH BANK DEPOSIT & CLEARED EFT PAYMENTS WILL BE ACCEPTED BY FLEXIBREAKS WHEN TRAVEL OR ACCOMMODATION RESERVATIONS ARE MADE.

Flexibreaks a division of Holiday Marketing Services will have the right to discontinue/cancel any club member's membership should he/she misuse it in any way. Registration fees and benefits are determined by the management of Flexibreaks and may be amended or supplemented at any time. Management's decision is final and non-negotiable.

Flexibreaks club benefits are subject to the above terms and conditions and those of the participating venues and companies. Flexibreaks membership offer is for South African citizens only.

Copyright and all other rights reserved by Flexibreaks. All information is correct at time of publishing.

A once off registration fee of R150.00 is payable upon joining.


  • Members require a valid credit or debit card with available funds when booking a flight with Flexibreaks. Advance flight bookings can gladly be paid via cash bank deposit.
  • (No 3rd party bank or credit cards are accepted by our office for payments).
  • Changes made to any flight booking will incur extra charges by the relevant airline booked as well as an additional admin change fee will apply.
  • Non members cannot be booked but can gladly join Flexibreaks to enjoy the club services.
  • Should a cancellation or no show apply, the passenger will forfeit the full cost paid on the ticket and in addition will be charged a R 250.00 club cancellation / no show charge. Should a date/time change occur to contact our office direct, prior to your flight date. Fares may change and an extra airline booking change charge may apply – which is the responsibility of the passenger.
  • Ticket/s booked are for the member (passenger/s) use only and is not transferable to any third party or non-member.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any additional charges / delays which may occur upon checking in due to incorrect information supplied by members to our office.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All airlines have their standard flight conditions. For further detail, please visit the relevant airline websites direct.


Please note any person deemed to or found or suspected of misusing our special car offer will have his or her membership canceled permanently for life by management and no further discussion will be entered into.

  • Member cheque/credit card rentals only. No cash or third party card rentals accepted by Flexibreaks.
  • Bookings close at 12H00 Mondays to Fridays for same day and weekend rentals.
  • The member / renter will be charged for the total rental cost, any extras not included in quotation (when requested), a tank of fuel and the applicable liability excess by the car hire company on collection of the vehicle. Please make sure funds are available on your credit card. On return of the vehicle the relevant amount due to the renter will be released on the credit card used.
  • Vehicles will not be released and your club reservation will not be honoured, should the car rental company be unable to charge your credit card for whatever reason. Vehicles will also not be released to third parties.
  • A valid drivers license of the driver / renter and credit card to be produced on collection of the vehicle. Only the booked member or qualifying club beneficiary may drive the vehicle. The member must be the driver, license and credit card holder – be 23 years or older and have a license for longer than 3 years.
  • Cancellation of confirmed bookings will incur a club cancellation fee of R 100.00.
  • No show / no collection fees may be charged by the rental company. The liable amount can be equal to the total rental cost.
  • Drivers / members driving under the influence and whom are involved in an accident will be held fully responsible for the total vehicle damage cost/s to the rental firm. All relevant insurance cover/s will immediately become nil & void when under the influence or in case of reckless driving. Please refer to the signed and accepted car rental contract / agreement upon renting a vehicle.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All car rental companies have their own standard rental conditions. For further detail, please visit their websites direct. Also refer to the contract signed upon renting a vehicle.


  • Full payment will be required upon booking on all bus and train reservations. Payment/booking conditions apply and members will be advised upon request of this service.
  • The passengers traveling have to be the main member and/or qualifying club beneficiaries and will be required to produce their ID documents and bus boarding pass.
  • Passengers are required to be at the relevant departure points 30 – 60 minutes before departure.
  • Standard luggage allowances apply with each bus and train company. Our office will provide details upon confirmation of your reservation.
  • Tickets are not transferable and cannot be utilized by any other person except the booked passenger/member/qualifying club beneficiary.
  • Once your bus ticket is booked & paid, no refunds apply. A new travel date must be re-booked and any costing difference to be paid in full by the passenger/s. Should any changes apply on your bus reservation to contact our office direct at 011 9742626 from Mon – Fri 08:00-16:00.
  • A club admin fee will be charged on any changes or re-bookings of a confirmed bus / train reservation.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All bus and train companies have their own standard travel conditions. For further detail, please visit their websites direct.


  • All passengers traveling will require a valid passport – except on a 2 night cruise to “Nowhere”. An original photo ID document will apply. Children require an original birth certificate. Photocopies and certified documents are NOT accepted by Starlight.
  • Cruise tickets and confirmation will only be issued by Flexibreaks upon receipt of full and final payment.
  • Only the passengers booked may utilize the cruise reservation and may board the ship.
  • Tickets and our club discount cruise offer are not transferable to any non- club beneficiary or non-member travelling with the member. Passengers sharing with a member in a cabin will gladly be booked by our office but will be exempt from our discount offer.
  • Booking amendment fees (cruise / date change) will be charged by MSC Cruises as well as Flexibreaks. No changes are accepted by MSC Cruises on bookings boarding within 7 days.
  • All meals, drinks, purchases etc. are charged and is payable only in US Dollars or by credit card on the cruise. All extra payments are for the passengers own account and are not included in the cruise amount paid to our office.
  • Certain cruises are exempt from our Flexibreaks 7% cabin discount offer. Please enquire with our office.
  • PLEASE NOTE: MSC Cruises has their own standard travel / booking / boarding terms and conditions. For further detail, please visit the MSC Cruises website direct.



  • Your club reservation is only confirmed and discounted club rate applicable when the required full payment was made to Flexibreaks upon booking.
  • At certain accommodation venues Flexibreaks can arrange full payment for members upon checking in. Please enquire upon booking.
  • Flexibreaks is not responsible for payment of any account or outstanding amount due to the facility by a client. Members are liable for their own accounts.
  • The costing on a booking confirmation only includes accommodation and meals (if any) stipulated. Any services and meals not specified are for the clients own account such as breakfast, lunch, dinners, drinks, telephone calls, parking, items of personal nature, tipping, transfers, special requests etc.
  • Payment of the quoted amount constitutes binding acceptance by the client of the services offered on the terms set out herein.
  • Reservations are only guaranteed by the facility on receipt of full payment via Flexibreaks on the member’s behalf.
  • The member must be included in the reservation and has to check-in at the facility. Members may not book for non-members except if a non-member shares a room or unit with a member. No benefit is transferable. Our office will have the right to terminate a client’s membership should he/she misuse it any way. NO ADDITIONS TO THE AMOUNT OF GUESTS WILL BE APPROVED BY FLEXIBREAKS ONCE A RESERVATION IS MADE.
  • A Flexibreaks reservation is not valid should the member already have made a reservation direct with the facility. Bookings already made by members direct with participating Flexibreaks accommodation venues, will be treated as a normal non-discounted reservation and cannot be cancelled and re-booked afterwards with Flexibreaks.
  • We recommend clients to take out adequate insurance when traveling to cover against accidents, unforeseen cancellations, loss/damage and/or theft of personal possessions.

Amendments to Reservations

  • Flexibreaks reserves the right to levy additional admin charges in the case of amendments to any reservations such as date / venue changes etc. No additions to the amount of persons can be made once booked with our office or can be added to your room or unit on arrival at the establishment.
  • Any changes to a reservation must be made with our central reservations direct. Changes being made by a member direct with the establishment or company booked will result in the immediate forfeit of the club discount offer. An amended confirmation will be re-issued by Flexibreaks.


  • If an accommodation booking is cancelled or a no-show applies, a R250.00 admin fee will be charged by Flexibreaks.
  • In addition all accommodation venues have their own standard cancellation and no-show charges which may vary from facility to facility and may be up to 100% of the total reservation cost. This charge is solely the responsibility of the member and to be paid to the booked establishment direct on demand.
  • Flexibreaks cannot negotiate on behalf or on request of a member a lesser cancellation charge with the management of our participating accommodation venues.
  • All cancellations required in writing and e-mailed to our office.


  • We have carefully selected all of the accommodation facilities and benefit companies on our club program, but cannot guarantee that they will not make policy changes. We cannot accept liability for this, the quality of service or any other matter arising from our offers. All services are undertaken on the basis of our suppliers standard terms and conditions.
  • We do not accept any liability for actions, errors or omissions on the part of any accommodation venue, travel benefit suppliers and/or their staff or any third parties.
  • Under NO circumstances can Flexibreaks be held responsible for costs on any member’s behalf, so it be for outstanding accounts, declined insurance covers due to negligence/misconduct, breach of rental agreements, no shows, cancellations etc. Flexibreaks is solely the benefit provider, offering members discounts on holiday and travel related services.